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"Vietnam... through my lens" (TV Special)

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A soldier's reflective, poignant journey as a combat photographer, through Vietnam and beyond. This television presentation is adapted from a highly personal, sometimes lighthearted, always thought provoking, one man play, written and performed by Stu Richel. His combat photos enhance his Vietnam experience stories in a visually stunning, non-gory, nonpolitical, and non-judgmental manner.

Stu Richel has had principal roles in over thirty-five (indie) films and has had principal roles in “30 Rock”, "Billions", "What Would You Do?", "Gypsy" e Danner's husband), "The Get Down", “One Life to Live” and “As the World Turns”. He has also appeared in dozens of Off Broadway, Regional and other stage shows.


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"An American’s Family Journey" (TV Series)

‘An American’s Family Journey’ tells the stories of average Americans who travel to their ancestral homeland in search their family’s origins and any undiscovered living relatives while experiencing the traditions, customs and cuisine of their ancestors. 

"The Framing of A Fed" (Feature Film)


A story of social evil and the jaw dropping true events of how a notorious Dominican drug cartel was able to manipulate U.S. government officials into prosecuting and convicting a federal agent who was determined to take them down.  This is the riveting true story of Joe Occhipinti, the highly-decorated federal agent responsible for one of the largest cocaine seizures in U.S. history and follows a trail of corruption through the office of Assistant Attorney General, Robert Mueller and lands squarely in the hands of NYSD District Attorney,  Jeh Johnson, who would later go on to become Secretary of Homeland Security under President Obama tried to cover for corrupt SDNY Assistant Attorneys. After a kangaroo court conviction, it took an act of Congress and presidential pardon to finally set Occhipinti free.

"Fatally Racial" (Working Title)


The true story of an off-duty black detective from New Jersey, who, while protecting his family in a road rage incident in Maryland, is forced to shoot and kill a drunk white man. The Maryland prosecutors charge him with first-degree murder and will go to any length to convict him. A story of police bias, prosecutorial misconduct and "Southern-fried racism."